Once you’ve seen an immersive 360 video you will never look at a ‘flat’ screen the same way again. Picture an IMAX screen in a small VR headset that completely surrounds you. The viewer will be transported to a new world, which opens up new possibilities in communicating your message.

In order to create a completely immersive environment with easy navigation you can lock the VR headset to a video gallery. On this page we will describe how Look&Play for 360 video works, and we will list some effective use cases.

More options, more freedom

Virtual headsets are designed as versatile devices that can display all sorts of VR apps for different purposes. Look&Play for 360 video is one of those apps that will provide easy access to all your video content. Just add video files to the app and explore the gallery.

You don’t even need to use a controller thanks to a ‘gaze based’ interaction that works using the gyroscope in the device. But it’s still easy to go back to the menu and select another app from the device menu. This is not always convenient, for instance when you want to show a selection of videos to a non-technical person.

With VR Kiosk mode it’s possible to lock the device into a limited mode with only the Look&Play application. This allows an easy ‘pass-and-play’ operation for multiple users. The owner can easily bypass this limitation, but the user can only use the Look&Play for 360 video content.

Set up your device

Setting up a VR headset is very easy and requires just a few steps:

  1. First you buy a license for the Look&Play software, there are several options available.
  2. Install the application onto the device, refer to the website for supported devices.
  3. Start the app on the device and don’t forget to add your video content.
  4. With the optional and free Kiosk mode you can lock the VR headset to this application.

Working with content

There are many types of 360 video content; monoscopic without a sense of depth, stereoscopic with two images side-by-side or up-down, in various formats and screen sizes.

Look&Play Kiosk mode for 360 video supports most standard VR video formats, although it is advised to use content in the same format. For a user it might not be comfortable to switch between flat and stereoscopic, or to different resolutions.

Look&Play for 360 video use cases

There are many ways of using 360 video in commercial and business settings. Here are four use cases that will inspire you:

1. Sales events

When you’re selling a product or service you want to stay in control. The easy to navigate Look&Play app for 360 video provides a hassle-free solution for the display of various VR video content. Impress your customers with immersive high quality video.

2. Personnel training

Simulations are often used to train employees. With video you can show all types of educational material to the workforce, and repeat them over and over again. With Look&Play for 360 video individual employees can be trained which enhances the retention of information while saving time and costs.

3. Education

In schools VR video allow the students to travel anywhere in the world without actually booking a ride or a flight. Make sure the students are focused on the curriculum and prevent them from using the device for other purposes with the Kiosk mode.


4. Healthcare

Virtual reality is used in many ways in healthcare, video is often used as a training tool for medical students but also for people with various disorders. 360 video is used for seniors with dementia and as pain relief for hospitalized patients to name but a few applications. Standard VR devices can be difficult to operate, with the Look&Play app for 360 video navigation becomes much easier.

5. Real estate virtual tours

Selling an apartment in Sydney, Australia from a real estate office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands is difficult. So is selling a luxury home that hasn’t been built yet. Virtual reality solves both problems with 360 video presentations showing the location to prospective buyers.

Just hand the 360 video Kiosk Mode over to the client, let them select a video by using a Kiosk app and let them experience their dream location in a fully immersive 360 video. Cross time and space with virtual reality tours for real estate.