Kiosk Mode for Look&Play

When using this feature your VR device boots Look&Play when powering on and user can’t exit the application.

The equipment you need:

  • Your VR Device(s)
  • A USB cable
  • A Windows 10 PC

Step 1. Download the Kiosk mode zip file

Make sure you have Look&Play installed on your device. Download and unzip the ‘Kiosk Mode’ on your computer.

Step 2. Install the Kiosk mode for Look&Play

Connect your device to a Windows 10 PC and make sure you have developer mode enabled for Oculus GO or PICO. Unzip the zip file and locate the install.bat file. Double click this to install.

Step 3. Restart device to enable Kiosk Mode

Disconnect your device from the PC and restart. The Look&Play app wil automatically start when your device is powered on and users can’t exit.

*To disable Kiosk mode you need to alternate the volume buttons 3 times within 3 seconds (so 6 presses total)

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Supported platforms

Which platforms are supported?

Look&Play is compatible for the Oculus Go, Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, PICOVR and Android devices.

What are the minimum requirements of my Android smartphone?

A general rule of thumb is that your smartphone needs to have a gyroscope and enough computing power to play a VR video. You can check if your phone has a gyroscope on: Furthermore, you can check if your phone can play VR video by opening a 360° on YouTube or on your smartphone.

What is the maximum amount of devices supported?

You can use the Look&Play software on an unlimited amount of devices. You do need to provide us with the number of devices you wish to use during your license.

Does Look&Play work on the Oculus Go?

Yes, it does.

Does Look&Play work on the Samsung Gear VR?

Yes, it does.


Does Look&Play support 4K resolution?

Yes, Look&Play supports monoscopic and stereoscopic video up to 4K.

What type of content is supported?

Look&Play supports: - Monoscopic 360° video - Stereoscopic 360° video - Spatial audio - 360° photo for a branded waiting room Video specifications: Codec: H265 or H264 .mp4 file Resolution: 3840x1920 FPS: 30 Max bitrate: 16 mb/s Audio: Stereo aac audio or .tbe Branding specifications: Codec JPFG, PNG Resolution background: 3480x1920 Resolution icons: 512x512

How many pieces of content can I load onto my device?

Yes. You can upload an unlimited amount of 360° videos. Do note that you can add a maximum of 375 video files per each folder. The total amount is only restricted by your device capacity.

What are the recommended specifications for a 360° video?

Codec: H265 or H264 Resolution: 3840x1920 FPS: 30 Max bitrate: 16 mb/s Audio: Stereo aac audio or .tbe

What are the recommended specifications of a 360° background?

Codec JPG, PNG Resolution: 3840x1920

What are the recommended specifications for the icons?

Codex PNG Resolution: 512x512 We strongly recommend to use icons with a transparent background.

Do you support spatial audio?

Yes, we support Two Big Ear (.tbe) files.

Do you support stereoscopic 360 video?

Yes, we support stereoscopic TB and LR, as well as monoscopic files.

Is it possible to play 2D videos?

You can make an edit of the video that contains a 2D video screen which displays your video. Look&Play originally broadcasts 360° videos on VR headsets.

What kind of audio is supported?

We support standard stereo audio as well as spatial audio in the form of Two Big Ears (.tbe)

Software features

Is it possible to load multiple 360° videos into my device?

Yes. You can upload an unlimited amount of 360° videos. Do note that you can add a maximum of 375 video files per each folder. The total amount is only restricted by your device capacity.

Is it possible to add spatial audio to my 360° video?

Yes, this is possible.

How do I start a 360° video?

Once you start the Look&Play app you will be in a virtual waiting room. Here you can choose to start a 360° video by looking at the icon for a few seconds. Once the 360° finishes you will automatically return to the waiting room.

Where can I download the Look&Play app?

For the Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR you can only download the app using the redeem code you will receive from us once you bought your license. For your Android device you can download the app in the Play Store, this is a cardboard version. For both options you also need the license code to be able to start using the Look&Play app.


How does the redeem code work?

In order to download the Look&Play app on your Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR you need a redeem code. To use the Look&Play software you need a license code. You will receive these once you have purchased Look&PLay. More info can be found in the guide. You can download it here.

Is there a guide available?

Yes, we have made a guide that explains how to install the Look&play app, how you can prepare your content and how to load it on your device. You can download it here.

Is there a support page?

Yes, there is a support page. You can click here to go to the page.

How can I contact your support team?

Please send an email to or you can call us on: +31 30 71 16 158

Purchasing and licenses

Can I order a license for a certain date?

Yes, you can. When purchasing a license you can fill in your requested starting date.

How can I pay for my license?

You can pay via bank transfer, PayPal, Credit card, Bancontact, Sofort, Multibanco, Przel, ewy24, EPS, iDeal & Giropay.

I want to resell Look&Play, is this possible?

We offer special discounts for resellers and partners. Please contact for more information.

Is it possible to get a license of the software for one week?

Yes, this is possible. Costs per week are: € 5-. per device. Total costs would depend on the amount of devices you would like to use.

What is Look&Play’s pricing model?

Look&Play works with flexible pricing. The price depends on the amount of devices and time used. You can find more information on the pricing page.

Is it possible to add more devices while already took the year license for, as example, 20 devices?

Yes, you can add devices to your license. This includes week or month licenses.

Is it possible to end the license earlier and get money back?

No, it is not possible to end a license earlier than planned.

Is it possible to lower the amount of devices during a year license?

Yes, this is possible. Send an email to to lower the amount of devices.

How does the purchase process work?

As soon as you place an order or send an email to, you will receive a welcome email. In this email we will provide you with the redeem code and license code. You need these to install the Look&Play app and to be able to use it.

How do I extend my license?

Order a new license on the website or send an email to After your order, you will receive an automatic email with a new license code. You can use this code to continue using Look&Play.

Kiosk Mode

For which devices is Kiosk Mode available?

Kiosk Mode is available for Oculus GO & PICO headsets.

What does the Kiosk Mode cost?

Kiosk Mode is free for the Look&Play app. If you would like to use it for your own VR App the costs are 145 Euros for a lifetime license.

Does Kiosk Mode disable the calibration needed to recenter the Oculus GO?

No, sadly there is no way to bypass this. Every time the Oculus GO is removed it needs to recenter when it’s put on again.

Where can i download Kiosk Mode for Oculus GO & PICO

You can find the download links and instructions here: