We updated Look&Play with new features and overhauled the user interface.

  • 360 photo viewer in monoscopic and stereoscopic (top bottom, left right)
  • EAC equiangular YouTube VR format videos are now supported in mono and stereo
  • Settings panel with video playback options
  • Option to loop videos or start a single video when the app starts
  • Option to restart a video when the headset is taken off
  • Option to add your logo above the video’s in Look&Play.

The settings panel is opened by holding the touchpad for one second (Oculus GO), holding the grip button (Quest), holding the touchpad (Pico) and double tapping (Cardboard Android).

The updated Kiosk mode allows you to add exceptions. Allowing you to run selected apps besides your ‘main’.

If Look&Play is not automatically updated you can do so via the store.

All the best,

The Look&Play Team.